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Suzanne Edwards
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Welcome to an Opportunity! It is an opportunity that is rarely found in this world. It is to have a reading with
Suzanne Edwards, Akashic Record reader and Astrologer extraordinaire. She was recommended to me as a former Astrologer to my guru, M* [tm], when he was in India and later in Santa Monica. I found out after that she was able to read the Akashic Record and discern many key past lives.
I had a reading with Suzanne in 2004 when I was reeling from all the losses that culminated in that year, and I needed a helping hand to understand "Why me?"
Within a few weeks of the first contact where I gave dates and general information, I got a cassette tape with her soothing voice, gently caressed by a background of soft music, which described my chart in minute detail and then proceeded to spell out thirteen past lives with various family members.
I could not stop playing the tape. It was electrifying and energizing to understand petty little issues between me and others in my family and how that had originated in a past life issue. With a sigh of relief, I understood that I had not done anything in this life to create the problem, but that in these past lives I had been less vigilant, and now I was paying for it. The weight of the struggle to comprehend it all was removed by Suzanne's reading. She told me to integrate what I had learned of myself from other lifetimes, and then make it a strong part of me today. I have not looked back since. It was a turning point in my life. Thus I have persuaded Suzanne to let me promote her on my web site because I know there are many of you out there who could use this invaluable assistance.

The abilities and skills she has are highly rare and subtle. Someone like Suzanne is not easy to find in all the self-promotion and clamor of modern day metaphysical magazines and web sites. I offer you a chance to enjoy the enlightening information that she will bring to your life. This is how she describes herself:


After graduating from college in California, I went to work for the United States government as a secretary and lived and traveled around the world for three years. On my return to America, I went back to the San Francisco Bay Area to settle down. It was in Berkeley that I found my 'gift'. I was staying with a friend and they decided to have a tea party and a woman brought her hand drawn astrology chart with her.

So I began doing astrology in November of 1976. This was done automatically by looking at someone's chart wheel drawing on an 8-1/2" by 11" paper. I was always interested in astrology, but I had never studied it. Earlier that year, I had begun telling a coworker about a past life when we were out having lunch. After that I used the 12-house wheel with the planets to tell the reading of the chart and included the 13 past lives to help them become the 'real' them in this lifetime. It was very positive and was to help them find their 'destiny' in an easier way. The past lives were there to encourage them and help them understand where their 'gifts' were.

I have been doing the readings since that time as a way to help others. I still travel to various parts of the world. It was during one of my traveling adventures that I ended up living in Europe for four years and began doing the readings and other healing techniques there. Currently, I have just relocated from California to Florida.

Are you ready to experience the connection to your past lives? If so contact Suzanne today to get your Akashic Astrology chart and tape: email
Only $250. for at least a week's work. Payment can be sent via check or other arrangement with Suzanne.